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I’m Matt Rubas.

Digital marketing coach & expert Facebook ads manager that loves to help biz owners and experts from all over the world thrive online.

With a decade of experience in all things digital, content and web, I help my clients generate more first-class leads, sales and profits through proven advertising strategies and funnels.

I’ve worked with national brands such as NFU Mutual, Bosch and Wolseley, as well as an abundance of smaller local businesses, coaching experts and e-commerce startups.

I’m a total geek for all things digital, obsessed with keeping up with emerging trends in order to passionately deliver results time and time again for my clients.

My Story


As a millennial, I remember the days of dial-up internet and AOL chat rooms. The online world and the rise of social media has always intrigued me and something that has played a huge part in both my personal and professional development right from the beginning.


It all started with a mens lifestyle/fashion blog & Instagram account that I grew with SEO and organic social. Wow, organic was so much easier back then. Within months of launching, my presence was soaring, engagement rate was up and before I knew it, I found myself working with brands such as Peroni, For Goodness Shakes and Cornerstone, to name a few.


Constantly learning and obsessing over emerging social & digital trends, I took my career in a new direction and fulfilled various roles in social media and digital marketing. From managing corporate social accounts to running in-person workshops with biz owners, leading a social selling team/programme to juggling client accounts and mentoring social execs within a creative agency.


And now? With my wealth of experience in digital marketing, I love to help biz owners and experts level up online so they can get what they love to do out in to the world- in a non pushy, salsey way. I've mastered a marketing system that runs on auto-pilot (well, almost!), that will generate first-class leads and sales in a predictable and profitable way, so you can maximise profits, truly scale and focus more on the things that matter to you most.

My Mission

I help your business grow.

…with a proven marketing system.

I specialise in three key areas to help experts and businesses grow and that’s paid social ads, sales funnels and email marketing.

Ads to put your awesomeness in front of the right people, funnels to turn strangers in to buyers and email to nurture new and existing relationships.


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If you’ve got this far then I think it’s safe to say that you’re ready to take your business to the next level. Join hundreds of others who’ve pivoted and propelled online under my watchful eye.